Smoke Testing /

Finding the Leaks that Other Companies Can't

Professional Smoke Testing Services Save You Time & Money

Many times, it's hard to find the precise location of leaks in our pipes when the odor and other indications are sending us in all different directions. Due to the way in which the gas causing the odor travels, even the most experienced professional can be misled. Think about the hours and the work that goes into looking for a leak in your system and the aggravation that comes when one leak is found but it's discovered the several are causing the overall problem! Our "Smoke Testing" services cut all of this guesswork out and pinpoint where your problems are coming from - so that they can be solved immediately!

Even though the process of smoke testing has been around for well over a hundred years, (albeit, with less sophisticated equipment) many drain service companies and plumbers choose to take more time - and effectively, more of your money - by not using it. This is troublesome to us at Chicago Drain Service and we maintain that we will never be that kind of company. We have the latest smoke testing equipment and the most qualified technicians to use it and read the treatment's conclusions.

Although it may sound a bit more dramatic than it is, smoke testing is simply artificial smoke that is pushed by machine into your plumbing system, to find the precise location of leaks. The smoke is non-toxic and is pushed through waste and drain pipes under only a slight pressure. (Just enough to expose those leaks). There is a particular process to each kind of plumbing system being smoke tested and our master plumbers are very well versed in the different nuances that come with this method. Remember: the faster your leak is found and the more absolute the plumbers are in its location, the less cost you are going to have to deal with.