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We have been the area's busiest and most referred-to drain and plumbing service company for many years. We believe in having major corporation abilities and equipment but a mom-and-pop type of attitude and approach to business. It is very likely that you know someone whom we've done a repair or replacement for before and they can surely tell you that we are a fair and capable firm. Most of the rates that we have for common services are far lower than the vast majority of companies out there - even though our work is guaranteed and cited by nearly everyone in the residential, commercial and industrial areas of our business. That is another important thing to us ... We've become large enough to be able to cater to any need, at any time. It doesn't matter what kind of dwelling you have, how large or small of an account that you would be for us or if we've been contracted by you before or not - we're always able to take on whatever amount of work comes our way. Due to the fact that we are all from Chicago and its surrounding cities and towns, we have a high level of pride in the work that we do in our area and along with that; plenty of confidence in said work. If it were up to us, we'd take on every plumbing and drain related job that came up in the tri-county area!


Not only do we do service calls to different types of buildings and homes, we handle just about everything that one could fit under the umbrella of plumbing. Even if you don't see it on one of our lists, chances are - whatever you need fixed or repaired, we do it! We all know that even what seems to be the most insignificant water flow related issue can cause an extreme problem later on so we treat all service calls like an emergency!

24 Hour Emergency Phone Lines

There isn't a time that you can't call us and reach a true professional in the field. There is always someone here to take your call and help you to assess your problem by sending one of our able and willing masters in the craft out to your home to troubleshoot and solve the issue at hand. No one plans for a drain or plumbing problem so we've made ourselves available to you at all hours and on all days. It should also be noted that there is no premium charged by Chicago Drain Service for holiday, weekend or late calls!