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Auger/Sewer Rodding Service to Clear Your Pipes

When a Snake Isn't Enough...

As an added option that many companies either don't offer or try to stray away from, we've added sewer rodding/auger services to our expansive list of things that we provide for you. The reason that most companies don't offer this service is because they make significantly more money by doing a full excavation and replacement of your storm and/or waste pipes. The difference in price between a normal "snake" job and an excavation is HUGE! So, we offer the finest sewer rods and the most capable technicians to use them, in an effort to save your pipes (and home) rather than replace them!

If you've already done a temporary fix with a snake and the problem keeps resurfacing - causing your home damage every time - then you know how those cheap snake rentals (or services) can cost; when repeated again and again. We may be able to save you money, time and aggravation by offering a sort of middle ground ... an auger-style clearing of your pipes that is much more efficient than just blasting away and/or snaking whatever is causing your sewer pipes to be backed up.

To give you an idea as to what my be causing your lateral line blockage problems (and possibly the flooding that is due to this issue) here is a list of common culprits:

Tree Roots Have Grown Into the Sewer Line
Garbage Disposal Has Been Filled with Improper Items
Yard Waste and/or Dirt and Mud Clogging Pipe
Your Sewer Line Has Collapsed
Old/Deteriorating Pipes Causing Debris
Grease Has Hardened Inside Pipe