• Chicago Drain Service can either prevent this from happening or rush in and do what needs to be done to be sure that it doesn't happen again!

  • We cover all sorts of drain and plumbing needs - including industrial clientele. We've been servicing the larger industrial businesses in greater Chicago for many years.

  • For all of your residential plumbing needs - call on Chicago Drain Service. Whether it's a new build or the home you've lived in for many years.

  • No matter the size of your business - or the size of the job - call on Chicago Drain Service to give you a free estimate and ensure that you never have a plumbing-related problem again.

Welcome to Chicago Drain Service!

After our many years providing affordable expert plumbing services to the metropolitan Chicago area, we decided that it was time that "Chicago Drain Service" had a new home online. We're very happy to welcome you to our site and we hope that the information that we've provided here proves to be a help to you. We've included some Plumbing Tips & Tricks in an effort to save you money in the long-run and we've dedicated some time to listing all of the types of services we offer and problems that we address for you.

Chicago Drain Service is a fully-licensed and insured group of master technicians that are here around-the-clock for all of your plumbing and drain needs. We should point out that we deal with residential, commercial and industrial clients regularly so, it's nearly impossible that you'll have a problem that our master plumbers haven't encountered over their many years in the industry. Call us or send us an email and we'll promptly reply.

Being in business for a long period of time has afforded us the opportunity to hire the absolute best accredited technicians in the area. We're also able to be a bit more reasonable in pricing than most companies, despite the reputed high quality work that we've done for so long. We do offer free, no obligation estimates for your convenience. We do everything that we possibly can to assist our clients in knowing what they are dealing with, on the whole.

Dependent upon the service you require, if there is something that we can't do, we can give you the best, fairest referral to experts in boilers, furnaces, water heaters, gas fittings, oil & gas heat, frozen pipes, water & sewer repairs, violation corrections and more! We are always expanded our scope of service and hiring additional experts so, many of these jobs are already covered in-house by those wearing the Chicago Drain Service uniform.

While our Commercial Plumbing Services page covers much of what we do for those of you with bigger business-related jobs and our Residential Services Page lists much of what we can and will do for your home, here is a list of issues that we are very well acquainted with handling for our large and diverse client base:

Sewer and Drain Cleaning | High-Velocity Water Jetting | Laundry Drain Repair & Unclogging | Storm Drain Service | Main Sewer Lines

Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks | Dishwasher Drains & Lines | Catch Basins | Main Drains | Tubs & Showers | Roof Drain Work | Manhole Systems |

Area Drains | All Floor Drains | Pool Skimmer Lines

Be sure to ask us about our Senior Discounts. Also, it is our policy to be available 24 hours-a-day for your emergency needs. There is no extra charge for weekend or holiday service. We offer flat rates for many services but it is best to call us with your particular situation's information so that we can give you the best deal possible!

Residential Troubleshooting

Whether you have a very large obvious problem in your home or something as small as a leaking faucet that could be causing you serious damage, we can help ...

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Sewer Rodding/Auger Work

You could save more than just your plumbing - you could save serious money with us by having us do a full sewer rodding on your pipes, rather than you having to snake them over and over again ...

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Smoke Testing for Leaks

Many plumbing and drain services can't even find your leak. Well, we have the latest smoke testers to go in there and find precisely where your problem is coming from ...

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Helpful Plumbing Tips & Tricks

We offer some free tips and tricks that will save you on your future plumbing repair costs and help you to make your system last a bit longer ...

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